Background - Food for Me

Food for Me was established in 2003 in East Victoria Park. Georgie started the business in tiny, old, narrow premises, wedged between an ageing Italian restaurant and an ‘adult bookshop!’ Those early days saw her starting at Food for Me before dawn to get things started by cooking mouth-watering, full-cream muffins and then head off for the day at her ‘real’ job.

 For Georgie the passion for food and hospitality was in her blood. Her parents and grandparents made their living through owning and operating country pubs in Victoria from the 1950s through to the 1980s.

 Within a year of opening Georgie was working full time at Food for Me and things began to change. She built a growing, loyal following as the word got around about Food for Me’s passion for delicious breakfast, lunch and indulgent catering.

 This following was based on a commitment to using family recipes handed down, sometimes reluctantly from one generation to the next. Home-style tomato relish, chocolate pistachio biscuits, hazelnut slice were all family favourites at Food for Me. Even ‘Jim the Builder’s’ wicked caramel slice is still a popular ‘celebrity’ at Food for Me.

 In November 2010, Food for Me closed. Luckily it was only for a week! They moved to a newer, larger location a mere 120 steps from their original digs. The new premises provide plenty of space for customers, including the many mums who come in mid-morning for a coffee fix and a quick chat.

 The new premises ensure that Food for Me continues its mission of sharing the simple pleasure of healthy and delicious food in a place that people feel comfortable and happy.

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