The Food for Me Story
FFM_atmosphereImagine yourself slowly biting into a delicious piece of choc raspberry fudge. Your tastebuds are tingling, you can feel yourself smiling broadly and you hear only the sound of quiet, self-satisfied giggling.

You wake up and you're at Food for Me in East Victoria Park! You're indulging yourself in one of their delicious gluten-free treats. It goes perfectly with the luscious Antz Inya Pantz Coffee

Food for Me has been on the East Victoria Park cafe scene for over ten years. It's developed a cult following for its delish foods and service that's all about you!

So you look around at the other customers and think, "these people just look pretty pleased with themselves, don't they?" Jennifer has walked in & have been greeted by name by the staff, who have quickly got a highchair out for young Annabelle. Across the table you can see that Emma is back in for lunch. She's clearly enjoying the heaven of Sesame chicken rice noodle cakes (also gluten free).

She's also just picked up another free coffee using her smart phone after downloading the Food for Me app

What's Different About Food for Me?

Ed has just cruised in - he's in most days (people suspect he may be a stalker) for the delightful array of food made fresh on premises*, including the most amazing sandwiches on earth, made with beautiful Barrett's Breads.

Your thinking switches back to work for a moment. The mild panic of last week's client function has disappeared. It's been replaced by the self satisfaction of clients raving about the fantastic catering from Food for Me. The special touches of a range of vegetarian and gluten free options made one of your special clients very happy.

Whilst in work mode you think about the new healthy choices program. You decide to buy a few salads for your team. The options are many but you settle on the Moroccan chickpea with star anise (gluten free) and the Roast vegetable and couscous - you can almost hear your colleagues chanting your name!

Sadly it's time to head off. Given you're busy balancing work with home priorities, a take-home meal is definitely the perfect parting gift. Kaffir lime & lemongrass chicken (gluten free) should keep the troops happy on the home front. Food_for_Me_atmosphere

Speaking of happiness, you're already excited about bringing your partner into Food for Me for a special birthday breakfast tomorrow. Wicked scrambled eggs with Danish fetta & sundried tomato (recent winner of the Food for Me breakfast election) is already high on your list. Mind you, the runner-up of French toast with poached berries, real maple syrup and crispy bacon has also grabbed your attention. Some of your friends have even been telling the world about Food for Me's breakfasts through their blogs

As you leave you look around and think - "life is good at Food for Me - I'm glad I'm part of the family here."

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