Gluten-Free Range

Salvation for Coeliacs!

Delicious gluten-free food that'll keep you feeling and looking fantastic!

Yes it's true. Food for Me has been embarking on a campaign to ensure that the tastebuds of all coeliacs are tempted - not tormented!

You've told us about the atrocities that your gluten-free tastebuds have had to endure. Lifeless salads, lame fruit platters. We share your outrage and have led the way to make East Victoria Park a gluten-free fantasy zone. It's like Club X for your tastebuds!

Gluten-Free Hot Dishes

We feature a gluten-free dish every day on our hot specials menu. You now have a delicious range of ready-made hot foods to eat in or take home. Try:

  • Sesame chicken rice noodle cakes
  • Indonesian beef curry
  • Lemongrass and coconut chicken.

Gluten-free breakfasts

Don't miss out when you head out for brekky with your friends. Food for Me has just introduced gluten-free toast. Sourced from Denmark in WA, it's one of the best gluten-free breads on offer. Now you'll be able to have a deliciously indulgent breakfast with the crunch you've been looking for! Just think of...

  • Wicked scrambled eggs with Danish fetta, sundried tomato & gluten-free toast
  • Full belly with bacon, free-range eggs, roasted tomato, slow roasted mushrooms and Avon Valley chippolata sausages on thick gluten-free toast
  • Zucchini and Corn Fritters with avocado, mixed greens and a poached free-range egg. Served with a preserved lemon, dill and chilli dressing - gluten-free


Gluten-Free Sweets

We have an enticing range of home-style cakes & slices - gluten-free no longer has to be taste-free! To whet your appetite, we make our own choc-raspberry fudge and orange & coconut cakes.

Gluten-Free Catering

Your tastebuds no longer have to miss out at functions. Our catering menu has been designed to provide 16 tempting gluten-free options from starters through to sweets. Your ‘mainstream' colleagues will find even more reasons to want to be like you when they taste the gluten-free options such as:

  • Bacon, spinach & pine nut frittata
  • Polenta stacks with roasted veg & Danish fetta
  • Pumpkin rosti with Danish fetta & onion jam
  • Spiced coconut risotto cakes & sundried tomato

 We've made a short video on our gluten-free catering and how we can help you


Gluten-Free recipes

We aim to provide you with a range of simple gluten-free recipes that you can try at home

  Gluten-free crepes

  Speedy grilled chicken

   Southern Indian Potatoes

An overview of Coeliac disease

This short video  may also be helpful in improving everyone's understanding of Coeliac disease and gluten intolerance



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