The FFM Logies
Monday, 16 April 2012 10:54

The Logies are done and dusted for another year. Plenty of controversy this year with Humphrey running around on stage without his pants on and Fatcat so drunk he was unable to speak.

Despite these dramas, we reckon the Logies still have some mileage. This has prompted us to launch the Food for Me Logies. We're asking you to nominate a friend, colleague or fellow FFM customer who's done something kinda spesh lately. (Yep very strict criteria...) Nominations will be held over the coming fortnight and can be lodged either via our website (vote by commenting below) or via our facebook page.

Winners will be decided by popular vote or through a complex system of kick-backs. Prizes will be life-changing and invaluable.

So hop to it folks!


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  1. Now we're not saying exactly who did what or how... but MAGIC GARDENING is happening in East Vic Park.

    A council block of land used as a rainwater overflow sump (ie. big hole in the ground surrounded by chain link fence) had previously been observed having an abandoned verge full of sand, weeds, gravel on rubbish. It was an eye sore and blight on the community.

    Magic gardening pixies have cleaned, dug, planted, watered and helped to transform this into a native garden with local plants. It provides food for birds (including a Marri and Banksia for the black tailed cockatoos), habitat for animals, and beautiful flowers for everyone to see and smile as they walk past; and in time shade for us all.

    Local council workers who mow the verge each year now mow around these new garden beds.

    ... again we've not seen these Pixies ourselves (and if asked we're sticking to this story), so who can tell where they'll strike next?

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