Fridge surprises
Monday, 14 November 2011 10:29

This week marks 'National clean out your fridge day' in the US. (We don't know why..just is). Of course this raises some interesting questions as to what people may find in there. Andrew's aunt was particularly 'thrifty' on the food side. Example - rummaging down to the bottom of her freezer one rainy afternoon to find something to eat. She pulled out some scones, microwaved and ate them. Sounds normal - although her mum had made them 20 years earlier! (We always took afternoon tea with us on any visits..)

So what do you think might be found on the back shelves of your aunt's fridges - or even yours? And what should be done with it? Museum piece? Scientific testing? Christmas gift? Let us now your thoughts!

Fortunately we have loads of fresh-cooked items made just for you on this weeks menu - no stories behind these - just lots of passion and beautiful flavours!

PS - remember you can have exclusive access to Food for Me for your Christmas function - book now!



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