No black caviar...what to do?
Monday, 07 November 2011 10:45

Champion sprinter, Black Caviar, has cancelled her trip to Perth. This is a great pity, because we had a great trip lined up for her. Picnic at King's Park, icecream at Pt Walter, a wander around the streets of Freo, maybe even a swim at Cottesloe Beach....she could probably even help clean up our rogue garden for a few hours one afternoon.

Say you had a friend visit from out of town - may or may not be a horse. Where would you take them? What would be some of your fave spots that you think they'd love?

Leave a comment and let us know - there's even a few groovy prizes on offer!

PS - even if you do miss out on Black Caviar - we still have fab food to enliven your week on this week's menu

PPS - well done to last week's winners, Sandy and Leisl,  for their preferred locations to be stranded


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  1. I Would take them down to mettams pool for a lovely snorkel
    & swim, I'd then drive down west coast hwy showing off our beautiful coastline! 8-)

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