You know you're 'a bit slow' when..
Sunday, 09 October 2011 19:47

You may have noticed that FFM has got one of these new fancy push button ordering systems. It involves pushing lots of buttons on a screen until something happens...or in Andrew's case..doesn't.

 He found this out on Saturday when he was trying to work out the intricacies of putting through an order for a white roll with chicken, avocado, spinach, cheese and onion. Followed by another equally challenging (if you're the oldest work experience kid in the world) request. Lots of pushing of buttons. Not much joy.

The customer, seeing ongoing confused pushing of screen buttons on the other side of the counter, dryly asked, "what are you doing there mate, playing solitaire?"

Has to be quote of the week! Of course we'd love to here any of your own 'moments' when no matter what you did, things just didn't work..

PS - we're sure we'll be right on the ball though with this week's menu ...hooray!



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