A cure for your winter ailment
Thursday, 07 July 2011 20:06

Andrew will never make Masterchef - he'd spend all his time playing in the pantry - but he does have a fab recipe to 

share. Andrew's Anti-flu pasta! So if you need to protect yourself from the elements, or get back on track after feeling a tad ordinary, this is guaranteed to get you feeling 'tippety-tops' again!

You’ll need

500g pasta

200g roasted pumpkin

200g roasted sweet potato

200g roasted mushrooms

100g steamed broccoli or snow peas

100g blue cheese

200g chorizo sausage

Crushed garlic & dash of Talinga Grove olive oil

1 x mild fresh chilli (chopped)

Red wine

(Serves 4 people)


1. Open red wine & pour yourself a generous glass

2. Bring lge pot of water to boil

3. Add dash of olive oil, then pasta, cook for 6-9 mins

4. When the pasta has ~ 5mins to go, reheat the veges in the microwave (ours is called Laurie) for 2-3 mins

5. At the same time, lightly fry chorizo, chilli & garlic in a large heavy pan & then add reheated veges

5. Top up your glass of red & tell everyone that dinner is ready – NOW!

6. Once pasta is cooked, drain into colander & quickly stir through a dash of Talinga Grove olive oil to stop it from sticking

7. Add pasta to pan & stir through – add a dash of Bannister Downs cream if you’re into something more saucy

8. Serve with fresh parmesan



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