The dish of love
Monday, 14 February 2011 11:11
Rumour is that today is Valentine's day. We've done some research to find out more on the origins of the day and were surprised at what we found!
  • It's named after a lady called Val (Japanese for 'foxy')
  • Valentine's Day originated in Japan, where it's traditionally celebrated by loving consumption of Teriyaki Chicken
  • This is followed by the sharing of a chocolate eclair or coconut-coated marshmallow slice
  • The day after, infatuated couples continue their fesitval of love with Chilli beef con carne - both dishes are said to put spark into any relationship

Of course we're always thinking about you - so we're featuring these items on the menu this week to help the mojo-meter go sky-high....mile high maybe?

And we're always keen to hear about your favourite dish that really puts some love back in the room. What do you lovingly create that always gets the dreamy look of appreciation, transporting you & your special one to a world of your own? Let us know - maybe we can recreate it for you!



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