Shock as truth comes out about milk!
Monday, 28 July 2014 09:52

Yep it was a moment of stunned amazement as the truth dawned.

Picture the scene on Saturday night...

Six year old Joel was at our kitchen bench eagerly awaiting his barbequed sausage for tea.

He was excited, he was expectant, he was hungry!

Then came the earth shattering question..."Do you have sauce?"

Andrew's (the Freak) eyeballs widened. "Well we do - but it's home-made sauce - you may not like it."

"Can I try some?"

"Sure, let's give it a go. But don't say I didn't warn you!"

The room of 14 dinner party guests went silent and turned as one when Joel gasped, "Who made this? Where did it come from? It tastes awesome!"

Andrew (the Freak) confessed, "Well my Mum did."

"Your Mum made this sauce. People make sauce? WOW!"

We figured Joel wasn't ready to hear where things like honey and eggs come from, but we did also ease him in on the origins of milk. It was a lot for a young visitor to come to terms with in one hit. We can only imagine that this has since led to a major deluge of other whacky revelations on Twitter...

PS - Whilst we don't have Andrew's Mum's sauce for you, we can reassure that everything at Food for Me is made by us. Including this weeks lunch specials.



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